Anonymous All of these nasty anons can go fuck themselves. Y'all are probably insecure and are looking for someone to pick on because you have no friends and want to look cool. If you think it's cool to try and trigger someone just to see what will happen then you probably have the saddest existence I have ever seen.

Eh, yeah, basically. It’s pretty ridiculous. There’s not point except for what you’ve said, which is gross!

Anonymous Ok who is this little bitch that's still sending in these fucking annoying and rude as fuck messages. What is your problem holy fuck

Oooh, that’s a dollar in the swear jar! Just kidding, I’m not sure because nothing showed up for the usual people on the stat counter, but my guess it’s one of three people who I’ve noticed don’t appear to be very happy with themselves based on how many times they’ve been on my blog at the exact same time a message like that popped up in my inbox :(

Anonymous You've done absolutely nothing to deserve any of this.. I'm sure you don't want any comments on your body, whether they're calling you fat or skinny or anything inbetween. I just hope you find peace within yourself someday and every person who sends you a rude message grows up. Chin up, sunshine.

Thank you, lovely. I really feel like I haven’t done anything besides exist, but worse things in life could happen than being pestered by people with nothing better to do.

I’m trying to pick myself back up right now. In fact, I just sent my boyfriend a message in hopes he can help me help myself to regulate some stuff. If not, I’m probably going to end up seeing a therapist who will recommend me to someone who is more specialized in what I’m dealing with at the end of this month. 

It’s ultimately up to me. Thank you for your support, though. It’s always nice to have the reminder that I’m worth all this damn effort I put in to stay afloat haha!

Anonymous Did you see Jackie's new picture? She's so thin now and you're still a big fatty.

"A big fatty". You literally sound like a fucking kindergartener.

Anonymous You only friends with people who are skinny and have nice clothing just like you. Thats whats disgusting.

Yeaaah, I literally don’t even care if I connect with them or anything. All I look for in people to befriend is looks.

In fact, on my official friendship application, weight and amount of money spent on clothing annually are above the space where the applicant writes their name.

Moderation is nonexistent in me.

It’s all or nothing. Literally. It’s disgusting.


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Goddess status look

I’m about to come across as very hypocritical, but let me tell you guys something:

Don’t be mean to yourself.

Catch yourself when you make little underhanded digs at something you’ve done or made an honest mistake on. I can’t even imagine how different my life would be if I could have made giving myself positive affirmations into a habit earlier.

It’s just the small things that everyone does, that can truly start wearing on you.

*does something without thinking* “God, I’m so fucking stupid”

*grab onto parts of your body subconsciously and when you catch yourself doing it* “I’m so fat”

*eat a little bit too much* “Ew, I can never do that again”

*forget about a prior occasion* “I’m such a bad friend, I’m such a terrible person”

*make a mistake at work or school* “I’m such a fuck up, why do I even bother?”

Even if it isn’t a regular thing, I’m sure everyone has done one or a few or all of these things and thought something along those lines at least a few times in their life.

Changing your wording to “That was stupid” or “Oh, that’s my stomach, it’s going to have some fat and that’s okay because that’s how bodies work” or letting yourself indulge in something delicious guilt free once in a while because why fucking not? Or remembering that people forget things or that mistakes are made by everyone and is a natural part of the learning process can change your life. 

Nobody is perfect. You will never even be subjectively perfect. Live and be the best you can be and let yourself be happy because in the end, time is limited and you’re all you’ve got. Take care of yourself. Mold your subconscious to be a positive mental environment because you deserve nothing shy of that.

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