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hey friend!! it’s kinda not cool for you to be self promoting on something i made. ︶︿︶ please take care not to do something like that in the future!! i am sure you can make something just as cute in the future! ☆

Cherry trees in full bloom, MountYoshino, Nara, Japan.  Photography by  Rickuz on Flickr

Anonymous dude i am so jealous of your neck! it makes you look so like ethereal aaaah ur not a giraffe ur a magical creature

Ooooh, anon. I wish you sent me a fan along with this message because seriously messages like this make me all warm in my cheeks and blush-y. Thank you!

Did you cut your hair again with no length? : 7 : I love your overall dress!

No! I’ve been thinking about it, but nope, it’s just in a bun! And thank you!!

Out of focus picture of my outfit for a spontaneous dinner date with my beau!
I’m an adult. Also you can really see how giraffe-like my neck is in this, yes yes.

Just realized that I’m that person that buys everything in multiple colors or doesn’t buy it at all ;_;


by (violeta catarina clemente)
Fun sized everything!

lace heart tag choker ♥ only 2 available
Anonymous Do you cosplay / go to conventions??

No, but I really, really want to! It’s just that right now with my income, I can really only afford to do one huge event a year and as much as I would love to go to a con, I would much rather attend EDC annually. Once I’m making more money and have disposable income, I’ll definitely figure out which one I’d like to go to and for sure do it as soon as I can!

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