strawberry roll cake ♡ ♥


my closet is 90% cuter now! 

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Anonymous Stop posting thinspo or stop complaining that people like your body! Youre angling yourself to look smaller than you are on purpose and its so obvious

So do you think I’m fat or do you think I’m posting “thinspo”? I’m asking because a lot of your messages to me over the past few months have been conflicting. I’ve said many times that camera angles make me look smaller than I am in “real life”. Why would I take and post a photograph of myself where I think I look terrible?

Also, very small world. You live like, an hour and a half away from me.

Anonymous Idk if you've ever heard this before but you really remind me of Nakoma from pocahontas, you're very pretty and i just wanted to share ;v;

Ahh, yes, anon, yes! I think you’re the third person on here to tell me this and it has made me just as happy every time! Thank you so much!

This is my first Arpakasso and I have named her Arpy the Amuse brand Arpakasso Alpacasso Alpaca, or just Arpy for short.
I’ve been wanting to take photographs of these body scrubs that pechecoeur got me for my birthday since she gave them to me, but I’ve been too busy using them! They’re divine and I would sell my soul for unlimited amounts of both. The strawberry milk scent is by far my favorite, but the lavender allows me to go to sleep right after taking a shower (they usually invigorate me too much) because it’s so soothing.
Thank you so much again! Seriously best bath products I have ever owned in my life.
Anonymous so sorry if you've already answered this, i looked but i may have failed to notice it. would you please tell me where are from the adorable overalls (dress?) your bf got you?

Just for future reference, check my wardrobe tag. I put all answered questions about my clothing there, too and most things I’ve already sourced, but the pinafore is from Glitters for Dinner.

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